18-Day Old Ailsa Craig

11 days after the last post

11 days after the last post

The onions have started to put out new stalk; are they called stalk?  Anyways, compared to the apple, progress for these onions are quite slow, but, they are getting there.  I’ve decided that they will stay indoor for at least another 2 weeks – or at least until the thickness of the plants are about the size of a matchstick before I could place this box out in my little garden (no immediate transplant in the garden, yet).

I realised by now that indoor sowing yield better and way faster results.  A batch of these onion had been directly sown in the ground and NONE, I repeat, NONE of them germinated – they might as well have been destroyed by the weather or may be eaten by snails even – so, this are actually the second batch.

I started out with 18 seeds and now there are 16 left in the box (it’s a small tissue box which I’d decided to use as germination station before discarding/recycling.  I wonder if all 16 will make it.  Fingers crossed.

Also, whenever sowing seeds, I always decide to not to use up the whole packet just in case the particular batch failed, especially for rare and exotic seeds as securing them may require me to go overseas myself to get them or buy online from worldwide seed sellers like Thompson and Morgan and risk damage in the mail.

I still have some seeds left.  I wonder where I can get Ailsa Craig seeds here in Malaysia should I fail to get one successfully grown onion to flower and seed.


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