First harvest: Mini-me Corn

Puny corn

Puny corn

This corn came from the only 2-sprouting seeds given by a friend, out of 50 in a pack.  Why only 2 out of 50 seeds?  Hahahhaa..

My gardening fetish happened at the wrong time.  Now Malaysia is in the monsoon season and these corns were grown only a few weeks before the wet season and just when the plants started to put out the tassel rain started to come, beating the earth mercilessly and this baby had to withstand 4 days of consistent hard rain and afterwards, daily evening hard short rain.  I figured, most of the pollens got washed away by the rain and only a handful few managed to pollinate the silk.

I had no hope whatsoever on the yield but ears actually formed on these two plants, very small in size.  And today, seeing that the silk had browned out – I pluck one ear off the plant, only to find that I harvested the baby a tad bit too early (rookie mistake, and patience has never been my virtue).  I didn’t realise that the silk went brown due to rain.  Oh well.

I took my tiny harvest inside the house and showed it to my father and he just smiled at me, remarking that I’d plucked it too early.  But then, after tearing open the bright green leaf and removing the still green silk, I saw plump kernels, very inviting.   Without waiting, I boiled it and albeit the size, the taste was nectar sweet.



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