Potato Possibilities

Will it grow?

Will it grow?

I have always find potato plant an amazing plant; it’s mysterious plant because you just don’t know what you’ll get; abundance or a disappointment.  For that, there has always been attempts to grow potatoes and so far, the have never reached the maturity state.  Most of the potato plants I had would die before they produce anything.  I think my problem was, over-watering.  But my latest failure was attacks by my horrible cats – they actually peed in the pot where the potato was starting to grow.  Grrr…

I’ve been watching a lot of youtube videos on tips and tricks on growing potatoes and of course, my favourite video to watch is the harvest. It’s always exciting to see new spuds emerging from underneath the dirt broken and scattered by hungry hands.

For the umph time, I am going to attempt at growing potato (AGAIN???).  So I got me this rather small potato from my mom’s potato box and got it to chit on my sunny desk.  I’ve got the medium prepared – just a regular potting soil mixed with sand to improve drainage and I only need to decide on the size and type of container to use.

Growing this tater in the ground is out of the question as the weather has been pretty cruel lately.  Update shall follow.


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