Spinach Unexpected



To me spinach is one of the trickiest  vegetables to sow, let alone to grow.  Reading from the internet, it’s been said that spinach would require cool condition to germinate (really??) and the seeds are delectable to ants.  One second: it’s HOT in here and ants roam free where I live, red, black, small, big, biting and non-biting, you name it!

But I am not giving up just yet.  This variety, Spinach Viridis is the fourth variety of spinach that I’d bought (following the Space Hybrid, Regular Spinach and Horensou varieties) and I haven’t had any luck so far.  But I kept buying more and more spinach seeds, just for the fun of it.  So I took a few and sprinkled them into this tiny nursery pot and added a thin layer of soil on top.   I watered the seeds when needed and at the same time I’d make sure that there were no ants coming along to steal the DNA cocoons.  One day, two days, then coming to 9 days, nothing yet.  Actually, by the 5th day I was already giving up – I’d stopped watering – and was already contemplating on what to sow next in this tiny pot.

Then on the 10th day, BOOM, a tiny sprout came up from underneath, out of how many seeds, I do not know.  Oh well, I suppose, without the patience, forgetfulness and tardiness can sometimes save a ‘dormant’ seeds’ from being denied of their right to grow.

How far it will go?  Is it going to grow into a good size spinach?  I pray that it will.



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