Water Convolvulus a.k.a. Kangkung

Kangkung Day 9 Dec 12

Kangkung ni kalau digoreng belacan sedappp… Ada orang suka masak lemak.  I read somewhere that kangkung was a staple diet somewhere in China masa perang.  Banyak khasiat.

Growing kangkung is relatively easy.  I find that soaking the seeds in water for a few hours helps speed up germination.  These are my kangkung after 9 days of germination.  They are so tall and skinny with arms outstretched (teringat lyrics lagu Rihanna, “I threw my hands in the air, said show me something…”}seolah-olah rejoicing over the rainfall.  Rainfall?  Yes, kangkung is a water loving vegetable.  They should be fine with daily watering — kot? Well, at least they are fine with my overgenerous watering.

These kangkung are placed on a table by the window.  I am not sure if they’d stay in or will be moved outdoor.  We’ll see…


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