Infant Apple Tree

Variety - Rose Apple

Variety – Rose Apple

This is an update of the apple tree that I’d planted from seed.  It’s now 18 days old.  I haven’t been doing much to it – actually, I am not sure what I should do.  I water it every couple of days, and have started to add in organic fertilizer.  It seems to be growing very well and top leaves are getting larger.

The plant is growing in my bedroom still, on a table by the window, getting a couple of short hours of afternoon sunlight (which is somewhat less now that it is monsoon season) and 14-16 or so hours of cool white light.  No idea actually if the plant has been benefiting from the artificial light but hey, it’s been growing ain’t it?

On a more serious note, from my random readings about apples; apple grown from seeds, if the tree produce fruits, the fruits may not (highly likely) be the same of the fruit the seed had come from.  And some say that the apples may not be edible at all, combined with the fact that it might take 10 years for an apple tree grown from seed to bear fruit!  (Have I mentioned this in my previous posting about this seedling? Mehh.. no worries)

But it is perfectly OK.  I adore this seedling regardless.  I hope it’ll continue to grow happy and healthy and besides, I can always buy apples at the store can’t I?



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